100 Years Ago We Didn't Believe in Apes


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A compilation of our earliest songs

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios in December of 2014. All songs were recorded live.


released July 19, 2015

The Umbrella Corporation is:
Sam Cooper- Guitar/ Vocals
John Leary- Drums
Jake Donnelly- Bass

All songs by Sam Cooper except for Track 14, by Sam Cooper/John Leary



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THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We are a punk/hardcore trio from Pittsburgh, PA

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Track Name: Bend
You are always talking at me
You are always talking to me
When will it end?
You are always looking at me
You can always see right through me
For you, I will bend
I just want to be around you
I just want to hold you near me
I wish I could bend
You are always looking at me
You are always looking to me
I wish I could bend
Track Name: Hardcore Stomp
All these things that I can see
All they do is disgust me
The truths out, your cover's blown
All your true colors have shown
Burning up
And burning out
Join the group, enter the haze
Live your days in a complete daze
Your life's hard? Well mine is too
Let it passively kill you
Track Name: Never
You never talk when I want you to
You never say what I want you to say
You never do what I want you to do
I guess I'll never get my way
I just want to be around you
You want nothing to do with me
I would cut my hair if I knew
It would keep you here with me
My intentions are completely pure
Every word I write is true
But you'll never read these words
Because I'll never show them to you
Track Name: Boy, That Chick Was Pissed
I don't care about you
Snort your pills and sniff your glue
It's your life, do what you do
Well I guess it's time to move
Track Name: Talk
Talk about oppression
Talk about peace
Do you know what it all means?
Talk about war
Talk about death
Untill you breathe your last breath
Talk and talk but you don't know anything
Track Name: Fuck You Fascists
Tell me what to believe
Tell me that I am wrong
Don't move forward, stagnant
Just stand still and drop the bomb
Fuck you fascists
Track Name: Trinket
I'm nothing but a picture, always hanging on your wall
I'm nothing but the elephant, don't acknowledge me at all
I'm nothing but a mirror, you only see yourself
I'm nothing but a trinket, always resting on your shelf
I'm nothing but your trinket
Track Name: Mean Jean
I once was blind, but now I see
A wall's been built between you and me
Sometimes I wish that could change
But I can't dive back into that pain
How can I go on
With my feet nailed to the ground?
How can I stay strong
When you always mute my sound?
Once content to sit and wait
Now I've grown, I know my fate
You led me on, you dragged me down
But I no longer bear your crown
Track Name: Theraflu
Follow blindly
Refusing to see
What the truth is
Power's with the kids
I don't care what you say
I'm gonna do things my way
I don't care what you believe
Just don't do what they conceive
Track Name: Murica
Run away far away
Save yourself from this decay
Culture's burning to the ground
I hope it's death won't make a sound
Mindless consumption
A tiring function
Genocide killing
Oh, how thrilling
Problems happen over there
At least they're not in our hair
Let's ignore them, turn our back
And wonder why they still attack
Track Name: Freakout
They push and shove forward
Don't believe in their words
Don't just listen, use your brain
This hate's driving me insane
Freak out
Hipsters love them
Drowned in wealth
Never play shows
They hide themselves
Track Name: MLPD
Cops around here think they're useful
They must think they are so cool
Oppress kids and senior citizens
So much crime in good old Lebanon
Sworn to serve, sworn to protect
From what is different
You're so tough, you're so cool
But you are the big fool
Never get to use their guns
It's insane they even have one
Oppressed like in the holocaust
All hope is gone, all hope is lost
Track Name: Back In Line
You used to be cool
Now you're the same
Just keep moving
With the grain
You're in line
With the rest
Back in line
With the rest
Track Name: BIll O'Reilly Can Suck My Dick
Feeding the public lies
Cover up the genocides
Is that million really worth
A million buried in the dirt
Bill O'Reilly can suck my dick
Is it really fair that we
Have all this technology?
Hoard it all for ourselves
While all others live in hell