A Bleeding Heart​/​/ A True Confession


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released October 23, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Rosenstraus at Braddock Hit Factory in the spring of 2016
All music written and performed by The Umbrella Corporation
All lyrics by Sam Cooper

The Umbrella Corporation is:
Sam Cooper- Guitar, Bass, Vocals
John Leary- Drums


all rights reserved



THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We are a punk/hardcore trio from Pittsburgh, PA

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Track Name: Head
Can't keep you out of my head

You live inside of me
Where I can't break free
You reside in darkness
Where I cannot see

Can't keep my head on my shoulders
Track Name: The Dream
I don't feel alright, I can't sit still
I can't ever seem to get my fill
Maybe you're right, I'm just insane
I can't seem to keep you from my brain

You're so close, so far away
I can't seem to make you stay
I put my hand in the machine
To wake myself up from this dream
Track Name: Angel
I can't see where I was
And I don't know where I am
I can't get anything right
Just throw it in the can

I can never leave this place
I can never win this race
I can feel my brain start to melt
I can't play with the cards I was dealt

Once you were my angel
But you buried me in the sand
With no solid ground
I don't know where I'll stand
Track Name: Necromancer
I was helpless in your trap
I was homeless raised in scrap
You enchant me from your throne
Necromance life into my bones

Hold me close while I swoon
Bury me in your tomb
I lay inside, I'll sit and wait
For when he's gone I'll know my fate

I've made peace with our demise
But I can't accept all the lies
Without my legs I couldn't walk
You kept them locked inside your box
Track Name: Skin & Bone
Your scent is burned into my nose
You fill my lungs with fire
I wish I was good enough
To be your beautiful liar

Here I am alone
Trapped in skin and bone
Please hold my broken head
Please hold me in our bed

Maybe if I had a car
I'd be good enough to court you
Maybe if I saw the end
My world wouldn't be so blue
Track Name: Home
You dance inside my head
I wish that I was dead
We are the faded lines
See me through jaded eyes
Maybe if we didn't talk
Please free me from your box
And if I didn't try
Maybe I wouldn't cry

We're so far from home
We are so far from home
We all die alone
I will die alone
Track Name: Feel
All I do is
All I do says
I just want to be with you
Dream that I am here with you
All I can see
All I can be
I'll take all of your pain from you
And leave you here to rest in peace

All I do is
All I do says
I left you here inside my house
I left you here to sort it out
All in my dreams
Tearing at the seems
I know this can never be
But that doesn't mean I can't dream

Do you feel the way I feel?
Why can't you just feel with me?
Track Name: Sunrise
I woke up this morning
Alone in my bed
You used to stay with me
Now I'm filled with dread

I'm the the person you want me to be
I wish you could see
That I'll never be what you want from me
I'll never be free

The world stopped spinning
Around me today
There's nothing I could do
To stop the decay
Track Name: Bleed
I will bleed myself out
All over your floor
See me like you never have before
And I'll show you my problems
And they'll scare you away
I can't make anybody stay

I will never be
What you want from me
I'm just a fuck up who can't be happy

I'll rip my chest open
And show you my insides
They're not black, what a surprise
And I will build my castle
And never let you in
I'll die alone in my den of sin
Track Name: Regrets
I will bare your cross for you
Never be the one you want me to
Your dorm room coffin is where I'll sleep
When I was with you I was counting sheep

Drive you knife into me
How could you forget?
Tear a hole in my heart
And fill it with regret

I wish you were in a better place
I'd love to see the smile on your face
But I can't the clock is unwound
Separately we fall, downward bound

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